Where to Watch 021317

Are you diving into the pleasure of watching movies or TV series lately? Maybe you just want to be updated on the latest shows your friends are talking about? I bet if your one of the “Binge Watch Lord” out there, then you probably know these sites already, still here are some of my favorite… Continue reading Where to Watch 021317


2017 Clothing Trends 021217|

Well it’s pretty obvious now that the fishnet tights is coming back, if your style is a bit rad and you’re a fashionista that is adventurous enough, this will be for sure a part of your 2017 OOTD. Mind you this is not a one piece bikini, this is called a bodysuit. Bodysuits are the… Continue reading 2017 Clothing Trends 021217|

February Kdrama 021017|

  It’s been a while since I’ve been all over the net hunting for the next “binge watch worthy” in my list for Korean drama for past few months and I’ll tell you this, I’ve been looking pass this drama for a while now, though the commentaries that I’ve read about it is good, I… Continue reading February Kdrama 021017|

A Writer Is 020817|

Well, I’ll boldly say that I don’t know a shit about writing and “YES” I don’t know a shit about it. I have never been in any school publication or anything connected that allows me to write something that people will read on. I have no clue on why is someone qualified to be a… Continue reading A Writer Is 020817|